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The District Youth Committee (an official committee of the Pacific Southwest District) is leadership group that oversees Youth Ministry District.  The committee meets three times a year, concerning itself with policy decisions related to the district youth gatherings, the annual youth ministry grants, and the general promotion of youth ministry within the district.  Members of the committee are gathered from the various groups that the committee oversees.The events and ministries overseen by the committee include:


  • High School Youth Gatherings (in AZ and CA)

  • Jr. High DYG (CA)

  • Jr. High Camp (AZ)

  • The Summit (CA)

  • College/Young Adult Ministry - In partnership with Orange Nation

  • Lutheran Youth Fellowship 


The committee is currently chaired by Pastor Seth Moorman of Bethany Lutheran Church in Long Beach.  For more information on the District Youth Committee you can contact Pastor Seth at:

Current Members include:

  • Committee Chair - Pastor Seth Moorman

  • Lutheran Youth Fellowship – Jeff Moeller

  • Events Director - Laura Courvoisier

  • Treasurer/Auditor - Elisabeth Heath

  • District Staff - Dave Rueter

  • AZ Regional Rep - Mike Edge

  • CA Regional Rep - David Johnson

  • NV Regional Rep – Alex Cargin

  • PSD LYF Board (currently made up of 4 youth from AZ & CA)


 Event Leadership:

  • High School Event AZ - Annie Tieberg

  • High School Event CA - Kayleigh Belvery

  • Jr. High DYG - Kyle Salesky

  • Jr. High Camp - David Minster

  • The Summit - Emily Eltiste

Next Meeting
January 19, 2019 @ Bethany Lutheran Church, Long Beach

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