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Orange Nation Servant Event

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JULY 23-26 2020 @DETROIT, MI

Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Orange Nation Young Adult Servant Event. We are excited to be in Detroit, MI July 23-26, 2020! The theme this year is “WE HOPE looking at the key verse of Romans 5:5 and the rest of Romans chapter 5.


The two Latin mottos of Detroit is Speramus Meliora - Resurget Cineribus. It means “We hope for better things; it shall arise from the ashes.” The motto started after a fire swept through the city in the early 1800’s but stands as a great reminder to the community that look to build/rebuild the neighborhoods of Detroit. As followers of Christ, we have the ultimate hope of forgiveness and everlasting life.


During the event, we will see how these two things intersect in the following ways.


God’s Word: Through Bible Study, devotions and worship we will be reminded that we have hope in Christ and with him as our cornerstone we are able to build his church even in though times.


Service: Through Christ’s Love, and not of ourselves, we will serve the Detroit community. We will be working with Camp Restore, Detroit to engage the area in service and grace.


Build Young Adult Community: We are children of God and will gather in fellowship and worship. This event focuses on building each other up as much as serving the community. We will enjoy some down time at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, including a night to get dressed up and go out on the town, and the opportunity to stay after the event to enjoy Detroit with your new friends. 

Build Young Adult Community: We are children of God and will gather in fellowship and worship. This event focuses on building each other up as much as serving the community. We will enjoy some down time at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, including a night to get dressed up and go out on the town, and the opportunity to stay after the event to enjoy Detroit with your new friends.


Registration starts at $145 for early registration if you post mark by April 1. The early date helps in two ways: 1. It allows us to begin to plan in detail for the event. 2. It helps lower the travel cost for participants. (See overview for other Registration info).


You are welcome to register individually or as a group. Adults over 30 years old are welcome but we ask that you bring at least one person under the age of 30 with you. Exceptions will be made for young adults under 18 on a case by case basis (Contact Brandon for more info).


Review the “Service” and “Fellowship” pages for more information about who we will be serving and what we will be doing in the evenings. There is also a “What to Bring List”.


We know that an event like this is a financial commitment, so we have provided some guidelines and ideas to help raise funds for the event. We would also love to hear some of your unique fundraising ideas.


We look forward to seeing you in July! Contact us with any questions.



Registration Costs:
Early Registration - $145 per person if postmarked by April 1, 2020
Registration - $175 per person if postmarked by June 1, 2020
Late Registration - $205 per person if postmarked June 2 or After
Airport Shuttle - $30 per person (for round trip)

Make Checks Payable to Christ Lutheran Church, La Mesa with YA Servant Event in memo. If a check is returned by your financial institution for any reason, a $40 charge will be added to your Registration fee.

Cancellation: A $50 charge per person will be retained for cancellations made on or before June 1. NO refunds will be issued as of June 2. Please contact Brandon Heath if you have substitutions.

Return all forms and payment to:
Orange Nation Young Adult Servant Event
c/o Brandon Heath
7929 La Mesa Blvd
La Mesa, CA 91942

Reg Info
Orange Nation Servant Event
Orange Nation Servant Event
July 23-26, 2020
Mt Calvary Lutheran Church/Camp Detroit
Can you make it?
Register Now


When should I arrive and depart?
You should arrive at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church (17100 Chalmers Ave. Detroit, MI ) by 5pm on Thursday, July 23 and plan on the event ending around 2pm Sunday, July 26. For those flying, you should arrive at 2pm or before on Thursday and leave Sunday later than 4pm.

What if I register but then discover before the event that I can no longer go?
By registering for the Servant Event, you are making a commitment. A $50 charge per person will be retained for cancellations made on or before June 1. All cancellations need to be made in writing. No refunds will be issued June 2 or after.

What are the age requirements for the Young Adult Servant Event?
We don’t put any hard age requirements for this event but most that attend are between 18 and 30. We ask that if you are over 30, that you bring at least one person that is under 30 with you.

What if I am under 18 but still want to attend the event?
We review this on a case by case basis. Your parents will need to fill out an extra form and you will need to have a non-family member fill out a recommendation form. Contact Brandon Heath for these forms and more information.

Can I bring a group of Young Adults, even if I’m not a young adult myself?
Yes, we are always looking to partner with existing groups and churches that minister to young adults. We would enjoy having you and your group join us. We encourage you to collect everyone’s paperwork and send it in all at once.

Can I invite a friend or someone who is not part of an LCMS church?
YES! We highly encourage you to invite friends from work, school, and other places where you have influence.

If I am traveling by plane, what airport should I fly into?
Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). We encourage you to get your plane tickets early (once you have confirmation of being registered) to save money. We will send you a travel form to fill out once you have registered to communicate your travel info. We will also provide a shuttle from the airport to Mount Calvary Lutheran Church for an additional $30 (you can pay with registration or after).

What do I need to bring?
See What to Bring for a list. This list will be updated in an email as we get closer to the event.

What meals are covered?
All meals while at Camp Restore, Detroit/Mount Calvary Lutheran Church (Friday/Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner; Sunday breakfast and lunch). All other meals are on your own.

What is housing like?
You will be staying at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in downtown Detroit. You will be sleeping on mattresses and frames in old classrooms. You will need to bring your own bedding (suggested sleeping bag/sheets and pillow). Showers are on campus!

When will I find out if I am registered for the Servant Event?
Every Tuesday, we will send out confirmation emails for all registrations that we have received that week. If you have not received an email from us after two weeks of sending it in, we encourage you to contact us.

Can we come early or stay later than the dates of the event?
You are encouraged to enjoy Detroit a few extra days but you won’t be able to stay at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church. Many stay a day or two after. Shuttles can get you to a hotel on Sunday BUT you are responsible for transportation after July 26.

Where do I find answers to other questions I may have?
Check out updates at, or contact Brandon Heath by email at or by phone at 619-462-5211 x129



Camp Restore, Detroit is located at and managed by historic Mount Calvary Lutheran Church and school in Detroit, Mich. and RAI Ministries, with the support of the Michigan District – LCMS.

“Our neighborhood is 75% unoccupied parcels. . . . But that means we are 25% occupied homes,” said Rev. John Carrier, pastor of Mount Calvary. “Many of those homeowners feel abandoned by their community… Our neighbors need to see Jesus’ presence for them in us! I am called to “Go” so I need to go where I can make a difference for Jesus in someone’s life. Here I can clearly make a difference for Jesus. The question commonly asked about Mount Calvary at our 90th Anniversary was, “Will we be here for a 95th?”
Now, as we see this new ministry possibility the question has become, ‘What will we be celebrating at 100?'”

“We have been blessed through the years with volunteers from across the country and with exceptional staff people in New Orleans to Restore Faith, Home, and Community,” said Rev. David Goodine, Executive Director of RAI Ministries. “We now have the chance to share what we’ve learned with folks who’ll be working together with people in the community to continue the work of restoring Detroit. As a native Michigander, I eagerly await the resulting changes that will take place in what I think of as one of the great
cites in the US — Detroit!

Check out their website for more information: hcp://

What to bring: (this list will be updated in an email before the event)
- An open mind and a servant heart
- Sleeping bag and pillow (possible air mattress)
- Work clothes you aren’t afraid to get dirty. Comfortable
but modest.
- Closed toed shoes
- Comfortable clothes for time spent around campus.
- Summer Casual clothes (guys: Khaki pants or shorts and a
button up or polo shirt, girls: summer dresses and flats
work well) This will be for one of our nights out.
- Church Clothes
- Personal hygiene items (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste,
- Sun Screen
- Special dietary items, if needed. We cannot ensure that
all dietary restrictions will be met. Please speak with
the Volunteer Coordinator to confirm prior to arrival.
- Bath towels
- Picture ID
- Bible
- Shower shoes/flip flops
- Reusable water bottle
- Backpack
- Phone charger and Power Banks (Never know when you will be
able to plug in.)
- Cards and other games to play on your off time.
- Post card of your University and/or home town.



BIBLE STUDY/DEVOTIONS - As we serve this weekend, we want to remember God’s promise that His church will Rise with Christ as our chief cornerstone. Our daily study will focus on the book of Nehemiah and Ephesians 2:19-22. 


NIGHT OUT - This is a night to get dressed up, eat and enjoy our time together. The details are still in the works but we hope to enjoy a night of fun and laughter while looking good.

GUEST SPEAKER- We have guest speakers (usually on Thursday night) to help us prepare ourselves for a weekend of service, to share God’s word with us and encourage us as young adults. In the past, we have had Micah Parker and Shelly Schwalm and
Cassie Schermbeck. We also have had music leaders like Ellisa Morris to help us with worship and devotion times. This year we are hoping to have someone who grew up in the Detroit area to talk about the challenges and success of the city and hope to have another great music leader. Look for the announcement of these individuals as we get closer to the event.


DOWNTIME AT CAMP RESTORE- This is a great place to get to know each other better. This is a time that you can share affirmations, watch a show with a friend on your phone/computer or play a card game.

BEFORE/AFTER THE EVENT- Come check out the city and enjoy the wide range of things that make D-town, The Motor City, and Detroit Rock City. 

  • Learn about the rich history of the area by going to the Motown Museum, Ford Museum, Historic Fort Wayne or several other Museums.

  • Go to Belle Isle, an island in the Detroit River laid out with beautiful parkland and hiking trails.

  • Catch a tigers game or Baseball History at Comerica Park.

  • Enjoy the local eateries found throughout the city.



Here are are a few tips that can help you “fundraise” for this or any other event you are interested in going to.

1. Budget out what you think the full cost of the event will cost. Besides
registration, estimate the cost of travel, extra food, and souvenirs. If you are staying longer, budget for extra food, lodging and other expenses. If you don’t know what the cost of something is, do a quick Google search. If you have to make a guess, guess high. Expect things to cost money.

2. Produce a plan on how you are going to raise this money.

a. It starts with you - Don’t expect a full free ride for going to an event. What can you afford to budget each month towards the trip? $25 a month gets your registration fee covered plus some for this event.


b.Who else can you directly ask for help? - There are people in our lives that are willing to support you: parents, other family members, church members you stay in contact with, teachers, friends.

i. Before you ask them, be sure you know as many details as you can about the event and a dollar amount you think they may give (don’t ask them to cover the whole trip). 
ii. It is always a nice touch to do this face to face.
iii. Be gracious even if the answer is no.
iv. Send a thank you note to each individual that donated.

c. What fundraisers can you do? At the bottom of the page, you will find ideas for fundraisers. As you think of fundraisers, keep the following in mind:

i. How many am I going to do? Fundraisers take time and energy, not only from you but those that are supporting you with time and money. Don’t overburden yourself or others in the number you will do. 
ii. Who will contribute to each fundraiser? You may have influence at work, school, church, sports leagues, and a multitude of other places. Focus each fundraiser you do to one or two specific group(s).
iii. Have a way that people can donate directly. Some people want to get their car washed to help you and others just want to give money directly to you and your cause. Be sure that both have the option to give.

3. Implement the plan - Simple but hard. You have a plan to get to your trip, now you have to take the time to implement it.

4. Enjoy the trip! This is what all the saving and fundraising was all about. Snapchat and Instagram about your experience in real-time so people can read, see and continue to pray for your experience.

5. Report about your experience - Wait...there is a step 5? Yes! Be sure to report back to everyone that supported you. You can do this by giving a presentation, blogging, writing a letter. It is just one more way to say thank you.

6. Donate extra funds raised to the organizations you participated in: You may be surprised that you raised more money than you needed. What a great problem to have! The ethical thing would be to give the money away and not pocket it. Since people gave the money for you to participate in a certain event, you may want to donate to the organization(s) that you served.

Hope this helps you in fundraising for the 2017 Orange Nation Young Adult Servant Event and other Mission/Service trips you will be serving on. Below are some practical ideas on Fundraisers.

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